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Thank you for your interest in supporting Team #NESTORSTRONG EMPOWER Personalized Fitness.

We are #NESTORSTRONG and "Outrunning Cancer Together!”

As most of you already know, Nestor Paonessa, our Assistant General Manager, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in July of 2015. Just days after diagnosis, much of the tumor was surgically removed at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke.  Following surgery, he immediately began intense radiation treatments and a regimen of chemotherapy that continues to this day.  Thanks to Drs. Henry and Allan Friedman and the rest of their elite team of researchers, doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and radiologists, Nestor has been empowered to face a historically fatal cancer diagnosis head-on and to fully live the life he envisioned once again.  Read more about Nestor’s story in the July 2016 Cancer Awareness issue of Endurance Magazine:

With Duke’s life-saving help, Nestor has resumed many of his favorite physical activities, including long distance running and hiking.  In early September, he began training for the Umstead 100-Mile Endurance Run, which he will run to raise funds for Team #NESTORSTRONG, the Angels Among Us 5k, and the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center on April 1st, 2017.  Shortly after this race, he and his wife Ashley will hike Mt. Kilimanjaro and take an African safari – proof that Nestor is living his best life and benefitting from the cutting-edge treatments at Duke.  Please join us in this fight against brain cancer so that we can help more people have access to the life-saving, first-class medical care that Duke provides.

Ways to support TEAM #NESTORSTRONG:

1) Make a donation HERE:

2) Purchase a #NESTORSTRONG Team t-shirt to wear on race day – PRE-ORDER by March 1st, 2017 HERE:


4) Support from afar – run or walk with us on April 29 in your #NESTORSTRONG shirt (BUY A SHIRT HERE:, take a picture/selfie in your shirt, then post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the tag #NESTORSTRONG.

Thank you for your support of #NESTORSTRONG and the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke. Your donation gives survivors HOPE that they too can still chase their dreams and lead a long and fulfilling life; the life that they have envisioned for themselves.


The EMPOWER Personalized Fitness TEAM

#NESTORSTRONG EMPOWER Personalized Fitness - Join Team Raised
Nestor Paonessa $895.00
Chris Lathrop $30.00
Ashley Paonessa $30.00
Jeff Smith $130.00
Team Gifts $2,178.10
Denotes a Team Captain


2017 Progress

$986,902.99 of $1,900,000
Progress: 0%
Progress: 0%
Registrations: 1367     Goal: 1900000

Registrations 1,366

Teams 244

Donors 2,673

  2017 Top Fundraisers  

  1 -  Toni's Miracle Angels ($235,342.74)
  2 -  Team Raines ($100,100.00)
  3 -  POP Rocks ($39,968.37)
  4 -  Beth's Backers ($33,808.50)
  5 -  Richards Run ($30,000.00)
  6 -  Team #NotToday ($26,714.00)
  7 -  Baskets For Bama ($25,611.96)
  8 -  Gainsy's Glio Blasters ($25,000.00)
  9 -  Steve Ballard Team ($24,630.00)
  10 -  TEAM STEWART ($19,010.00)
  11 -  Clara's Angels ($17,345.00)
  12 -  Mind Over Matter ($17,124.00)
  13 -  Jim & Co. ($16,650.00)
  14 -  Hope for BT Patients ($16,515.47)
  15 -  Team Reed Roberts ($16,055.00)
  16 -  Joggers 4 Jonny ($15,458.00)
  17 -  Elissa's GLIOdiators ($13,925.00)
  18 -  Halo Squadron ($12,624.88)
  19 -  Team Sandy ($11,700.00)
  20 -  Strokes Fore Progress ($11,500.00)
  21 -  Team Tate ($11,413.00)
  22 -  The 5-Kayers ($10,900.00)
  23 -  Outlaw's Angels ($10,070.00)
  24 -  Michelle's Lobe Trotters ($8,699.00)
  25 -  Charles' Angels ($7,480.80)

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