Angels Among Us 2018

Team Carla Frechette

CARLA FRECHETTE. MS. FRECHETTE. TEACHER, COWORKER, FAMILY AND FRIEND.   Knowing her was to love her and her infectious laugh.  She taught so many students throughout the years and it went well beyond the classroom.  She was incredibly loyal to her friends, family, her favorite channel QVC :)  and of course her many cats!

Just as she lived her life spur of the moment, that’s how quickly her brain tumor impacted her life. On 4-16-2016, Carla was admitted to the ER, MRI disclosed she had a 1" x 2" mass on the right side of her brain. On 4-20-16 Carla had surgery to remove as much of the mass as possible.  The mass test results confirmed Carla's tumor as "Glioblastoma" high grade and it was incredibly aggressive.  Her quality of life took a complete nose dive from the treatments and she died of the brain tumor and its complications on 9-9-2016, merely MONTHS after the diagnosis.

Due to her family all in another state, she went to live with them and wasn’t treated at the Brain Tumor Center at Duke but my mom, Jackie McNamara and her colleagues KNOW there are a lot of people who love and miss her in the Carolinas.  What better way to honor her than to donate to the incredible work they do at the Brain Tumor Center at Duke….in her memory. 

PLEASE consider donating to “Team Carla Frechette” for the 25th annual Angels Among Us 5K and Family Fun Run.  At Duke, there is hope… 

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