Angels Among Us 2018

A trip to Wrightsville Beach, NC, in November 2017
A trip to Wrightsville Beach, NC, in November 2017

Team Susan Lamb

Please join us as we raise money for the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Cancer Center at the Duke Cancer Center in memory of Susan Lamb!

Susan loved to walk. Most afternoons, you could find her walking around her Raleigh neighborhood, enjoying spring’s camellias and autumn’s chrysanthemums.

When a stroke in December 2016 left her with limited abilities, she ultimately thrived in physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Day after day, she re-learned how to “have life again,” as she put it. By March 2017, Susan managed to steer herself in a wheelchair and regained the ability to take several steps at a time, including tackling the stairs at her home. Terry bought her a new pair of walking shoes.

In April, when doctors determined a glioblastoma caused her stroke, she underwent surgery at WakeMed Health & Hospitals and endured follow-up chemotherapy and radiation at the Duke Cancer Center. When an occupational therapist asked Susan what her goals were, Susan immediately said “walk.”

While brain surgery limited Susan’s mobility further, her husband, Terry, became her legs. Together, they traveled to Duke for treatment, to the farmers market, and to Hillsborough to visit their new granddaughter.

One month before Susan died, Terry, Susan, and their family traveled to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, for the weekend. The weekend’s primary goal: a walk with Susan on the beach. Terry made it happen. He rented a beach wheelchair with giant, sand-ready wheels, and Susan donned a baseball cap and sunglasses. Susan and her family walked three miles that day--all the way to the pier and back--in perfect, 70 degree weather. Susan listened to the ocean. She saw seagulls, and she got to feel the sand beneath the wheelchair wheels. She felt the sun on her face. Susan smiled.

That day, as with every other day she faced in 2017, Susan showed stamina, determination, and strength. We lived through 2017 one day, and one step, at a time. Through therapy, brain surgery, and chemo, each step taught us about grace, love, and hope.

We hope you will join us to walk (or run) as we remember Susan at the Angels Among Us 5K, with proceeds to benefit the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center. Susan would be thrilled and humbled to know she has supporters who will embark together to honor her memory. Join us in spirit by donating to the team or in person by walking with us together.

-Terry, Elizabeth, and Emily

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