Angels Among Us 2018

Snack Club

Mark put this together, Faye's favorites.  If you have Apple Music it will play.  If you don't have Apple Music, still take a look at the list.  You can copy this link and paste it in your browser.  Read Mark's comments about the list.

Hey Everyone, I first want to thank all of you that have done so much to remember and honor Mom, Faye, Grandma Faye as we join together to celebrate her life and what she meant to each of us and our lives. How thankful and proud of all of you she would be to be part of such a wonderful program as "Angels Among Us" providing support and care for the many still living everyday to its fullest. Most of all it provides HOPE...Mom and I shared music together for 50 years. I can still remember where I was when she shared many of these songs with me. What home we were living in even what car we had at the time I first heard some of these. I remember the time when I realized the roles had changed and now I was bringing the newest sounds to her which we continued to enjoy 5 days a week for several months during those special times we shared driving to Duke for treatment. The last several on the list she really liked asking to hear every time we got in the car. The very last song is last for a reason. It's the very first song that she shared with me. It was in 1968 when I was just 8 years old while we were driving from Eden to Greensboro on US HWY 29N just before the Cone Blvd exit..From then on I bounced my head against the car seat to the beat of anything playing (think that did some permanent damage). I hope you will enjoy listening to the sounds we enjoyed and shared with each other. I look forward to being with you in several weeks for this special day. Love to you all....Mark, Uncle Mark

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