Angels Among Us 2018

Tricia's Rockers

Dear friends and family,
Greg & I and hopefully our kids will be participating in the Angels Among Us walk this year to raise money for Brain Cancer research. Many of you know I was diagnosed in July of 2015 with a brain tumor. My Knoxville oncologist thought it was inoperable and sent me to Duke for a second opinion. Thank God she did. Dr Stanley Friedman saw my MRI and said I was a candidate for surgery and referred me to Dr. Alan Friedman who looked at the MRI and agreed to operate on July 31, 2015 right before his vacation. He was able to remove 2/3 of the tumor. I have since followed up with radiation and chemo for a year. In July of 2017 my MRI showed more spots growing. My oncologist Dr Katherine Peters referred me to a top radio surgeon who agreed to do a series of 5 treatments of radio-surgery to kill the growth. My last MRI showed there was no new growth. I am currently on a low dose of oral chemotherapy to hopefully kill what is left in there. I won't know how successful the combined treatments have been until the end of April, which is when the Duke Cancer walk is. Greg & I will be walking and hopefully friends and family will join us. If you would like to donate to Brain Cancer research, walk with us or or walk with us, just click the link below. If you are unable to do either of those but would like to help, please pray for us. Pray for for new successful studies, and for healing. We appreciate all the support. Thank you

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