Angels Among Us 2018

Team Unicorn Magic

This group has been created to support the magical work being done at Duke to help people with Glioblastoma, which Leanne Goff was recently diagnosed with. We KNOW that she is a magical unicorn and together with Duke's innovative research, they will both be able to take one giant step towards overcoming the fatal prognosis for Glioblastoma.

We are asking that you please contribute directly to Duke University, so that you know your money is sent to the source for the world's best and most advanced research on brain cancer. No red tape to go through - just funding the heart of research so that they can use the money immediately for brain cancer research at Duke University.

Please help by donating to Leanne's Unicorn Magic group so that she and Duke University can find a solution to Glioblastoma and in turn help tens of thousands of families throughout the United States, and around the world, who are facing the same prognosis.



Read Leanne's Story here: (copy and paste URL below into your browser)

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