Angels Among Us 2018

Captain's Crew

In July, 2016, I was diagnosed with a grade III anaplastic astrocytoma after brain surgery to remove the tumor a few weeks prior. Unfortunately, I found myself in familiar territory. Forty years ago when I was ten years old, my younger brother, Doug, was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma. Doug was eight years old at the time. -about us, history-

Since the day I received my first MRI and the tumor was discovered, I have received an overwhelming amount of support, love and genuine concern from my family, friends, co-workers, church family and even my son’s school family. It has been more than I could have ever have imagined, and it lifts me up every day and reminds me that “No One Fights Alone”.

Upon my first visit with Duke, I noticed a brochure for the Angels Among Us 5K fundraiser. I have participated in numerous 5K fundraisers in my community for various causes and immediately knew I wanted to run in this 5K and help those who are helping me. I never thought I would find myself on this side of the cause, but here I am, so run David run.

I had my first visit with Duke in November and immediately knew I had come to the right place for help. Each follow up visit reconfirms our thanks for the team of Doctors and staff who help us all. “At Duke there is Hope.”

Isaiah 40:31

Thanks, David

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