Angels Among Us 2018

Team Moose on the Loose
Team Moose on the Loose

Moose on the Loose

When we lost my mother, Susan Feinglos, to brain cancer in 2002 at age 53, she had spent 8 years fighting. A few days later when her family, friends, and colleagues gathered together to remember her, my father said a few words that I will never forget: "Susan didn't lose her battle with cancer: she retired undefeated." At the time of her death, we believe she was the longest living person with a glioblastoma. She was also one of the first adult patients of Duke's now world-renowned medical team fighting brain cancer. Before her cancer diagnosis, Susan was the Director of the Duke Medical Center Library for many years, and literally wrote the textbook on internet searching in medicine when the web was revolutionizing medical research. She was also a stunning artist, exploring various media from paint to collage, and even made her own clothing. Our family remembers my brilliant, passionate, fearless mother by carrying on her fighting spirit in all that we do.

Please honor my mom and all those who retired undefeated from their battles with brain cancer by participating in the 2018 Angels Among Us 5k and Family Fun Walk, making a donation, or purchasing a t-shirt.

The event will be held on Saturday, April 28th in Durham, North Carolina. If you will be joining us in person that day, or cheering us on from afar, please purchase a team T-Shirt that says "undefeated" on the front. All proceeds from shirt sales (roughly $10/shirt) will go to Angels Among Us. Please purchase a t-shirt by visiting

We welcome donations in my mother's memory, and hope you can join us in Durham! We have not attended Angels Among Us since my mom was still with us, and we thought that a comeback for the event's 25th anniversary was the best time to rekindle the tradition.

Oh, one more thing! You might be wondering why our team name is Moose on the Loose. Well, my mother had beautiful, long hair back in the 70's that she would sometimes wear up in high pigtails. She was also a Canadian citizen. My father, seeing a similarity in both her hair style that he said looked like antlers, and her national origin, lovingly nicknamed my mom "Moose," a moniker she embraced through many years of collecting moose memorabilia (we even still have a moose-adorned napkin holder, if you believe it!)

Thank you for your support,
Becki Feinglos Planchard

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