Angels Among Us 2018

Bob's Battlers

Bob Baker was a wonderful husband and father to 3 beautiful, young children. We were in Disney World when he started experiencing horrific headaches. After going to several doctors who misdiagnosed him we finally got to Duke and were told that he had a very rare, in-operable type of tumor and nothing could be done for him. They suggested we try some experimental trials and traveled to Harvard in Boston, and to the University of Michigan. As the tumor progressed it ate away the base of his skull, took away his ability to swallow, and eventually his life. I have never seen someone in so much pain. He endured 2 years of nothing but pain and suffering.

Duke has come such a long way in treating patients with brain tumors. They have the best surgeons and scientists whom I believe are on the right track to finding a cure. 2017 marks our 14th year participating in Angels Among Us because our family believes in the brain tumor center at Duke and hope others do not have to endure what our family went through. When we started there were a handful of survivors on the stage. Now, there are so many we can't count. This is progress! This is knowing the money you raise is working to help other families find hope.

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