Angels Among Us 2017

The Koch Clan

The Koch Clan is rallying to support David in his fight against brain cancer!  David was diagnosed with a Grade IV Glioblastoma brain tumor ("GBM") in October 2015 and has just begun his long fight with this difficult disease.   After successful surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering in November, David has been in the care of the good people at Duke's Brain Tumor Center and recently began treatment in one of their promising clinical trials for newly diagnosed GBM patients. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Glioblastomas are the most aggressive form of brain cancer and there is no known cure today.  The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke is on the cutting edge of immunotherapy to use the body's own immune system to fight this disease.  Funds raised through Angels Among Us are quickly delivered where they are needed most in the fight against brain cancer and represent the largest source of unrestricted funds for the Center's annual operating budget. 

The Koch Clan includes David's wife Heath and three young kids (pictured above), and a growing army of family and friends.  Join us in our fight!  You can register as a team member and join us in Durham on April 23rd, join the team to recruit others as an "absent angel" or simply donate to the effort.  The more funds we raise, the more patients Duke can treat and the faster they can find a cure.

Thank you for your support!

The Koch Clan Raised
Donald Koch $0.00
Team Gifts $20,918.00
Denotes a Team Captain

If you are a member of this team and would like to customize this page with a special message or team photo, please contact us and we can designate you as the team captain.


2017 Progress

$1,704,552.73 of $1,900,000
Progress: 0%
Progress: 0%
Registrations: 3664     Goal: 1900000

Registrations 3,663

Teams 313

Donors 6,703

  2017 Top Team Fundraisers  

  1 -  Toni's Miracle Angels ($265,252.02)
  2 -  Team Raines ($100,300.00)
  3 -  Mark's Angels ($50,370.00)
  4 -  POP Rocks ($46,178.37)
  5 -  Hope for BT Patients ($45,871.23)
  6 -  Beth's Backers ($40,870.00)
  7 -  Joggers 4 Jonny ($36,974.00)
  8 -  Steve Ballard Team ($33,263.00)
  9 -  Richards Run ($30,000.00)
  10 -  Team #NotToday ($26,814.00)
  11 -  Clara's Angels ($26,485.00)
  12 -  Elissa's GLIOdiators ($25,915.00)
  13 -  Baskets For Bama ($25,611.96)
  14 -  Gainsy's Glio Blasters ($25,000.00)
  15 -  Blonde with a Brain! ($24,535.00)
  16 -  Courtney's Crew ($21,405.00)
  17 -  The Koch Clan ($20,918.00)
  18 -  Mind Over Matter ($20,716.73)
  19 -  #NESTORSTRONG EMPOWER Personalized Fitness ($20,219.04)
  20 -  TumorNators ($20,018.00)
  21 -  Ed Morris Family Team ($19,690.00)
  22 -  TEAM STEWART ($19,270.00)
  23 -  Team Tate ($19,093.00)
  24 -  Team Craig - Running for "Tumor-row's" Cure ($19,030.00)
  25 -  Team Reed Roberts ($17,605.00)

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