5K Map

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Route Notes

  • 0.0 mi — Start and Finish are at Flowers Dr and Yearby Ave in front of the southern-most entrance to the Trent Hall parking lot on Flowers Dr.
  • 0.00 miles — Head south on Flowers Dr.
  • 0.55 miles — Turn left onto the traffic circle traveling clockwise and take the first road on the left (Campus Drive).  
  • 0.58 miles — Continue past Anderson St.
  • 0.94 miles — Turn left onto Alexander Ave.
  • 1.13 miles — Turn right onto Bynum St.  Note that the street is one lane wide and poorly paved. Looks more like a gravel driveway.
  • 1.21 miles — Turn right onto Oregon St.
  • 1.37 miles — Continue straight on Oregon St. crossing Campus Dr. This section is gravel and is full of large pot-holes.
  • 1.55 miles — Turn right onto Duke University Dr. Travel in the right hand lane only. Beware of car traffic.
  • 1.70 miles — Continue straight on Duke University Dr crossing Anderson St.
  • 1.89 miles — Turn right onto Chapel Dr.
  • 1.99 miles — Turn left onto the traffic circle.
  • 2.01 miles — Continue clockwise on the traffic circle, passing Wannamaker Dr on your left and turning left onto Chapel Dr, heading for the chapel.
  • 2.23 miles — Chapel Dr splits left and right, forming the bus stop loop. Turn right here and continue counter-clock wise around the bus stop loop.
  • 2.27 miles — Turn left at the bus stop. Do not continue straight to the steps of the chapel.
  • 2.30 miles — Turn left. Continue running counter-clockwise around the bus stop loop.
  • 2.33 miles — When you complete the loop, bear right, heading back down Chapel Dr.
  • 2.55 miles — At the traffic circle make a 180 degree right turn onto Wannamaker Dr.
  • 2.68 miles — Make a right turn off of the street onto the bike path that goes through the tunnel underneath Chapel Dr.
  • 2.73 miles — The bike path ends on Flowers Dr. Turn left onto Flowers Dr.
  • 3.11 miles — The race finishes at the corner of Flowers Dr and Yearby Ave.

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