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Registration Questions

I want to register my children, but they don’t have email addresses.
Family registration is available. When you get to the last stage of the registration process, you will be asked if you would like to register another family member. Select "yes", and the registration process will continue without requiring additional email addresses.

I signed up as an individual…may I now join a team?
Yes. Please contact us and provide your full name and the team you would like to join. Your information will be adjusted.

Does the registration cost count toward a team’s total?
Yes. The full $30 fee is credited to the team as long as you provide a team name. The $30 registration fee tax deduction breakdown is as follows: $15 for entry fee (non-tax deductible) and $15 charitable donation (tax deductible).

Can I register at the event?
Yes. you may register at the event, but it saves time if you register online by midnight, April 26th, or mail your form and payment by April 17th. After April 17th you may register online or at the event.

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Donation Questions

Is my personal information secure?
Blackbaud/Convio, the company that powers the Angels Among Us event registrations and donations, makes every effort to protect your personal contact and credit card information. They use industry-standard SSL encryption techniques to make sure your credit card information, passwords and personal information travel securely over the Internet.

Who do I make my check payable to?
Checks should be made payable to "Duke University - Angels."  Mail your check donation to: The Tisch Brain Tumor Center, DUMC 3624, Durham, NC 27710, Attn: Angels Among Us.

How are credit card transactions handled?
Credit card information is not stored in our database. During the donation process, we send an individual's credit card information to an online processing terminal using a secure connection. The information passed back is an approval or denial for the credit card donation.

My friends mailed some donations, but I do not see them on my personal page. Why?
Due to the volume of checks we receive, it could take our staff up to 15 business days from the time they are mailed to post them on the website. It is extremely important for people to print the team name on the memo section of the check. Without the team name or participant name, we cannot guarantee the donation will be credited to the team or donor intended. Please contact us to have it credited to your personal page. Provide your full name, the donor's full name, and donation amount. Again, the recommended process is to write the name of the participant and/or team receiving credit on the memo section of the check.

I donated online, and I don't see my name listed on my friend's personal page.
You may have accidentally donated to the "Angels Among Us" general event and not to your friend’s team. Only donations designated specifically to a team appear on that fundraising honor roll. Please contact us and we will credit the appropriate team.

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Team and Participant Center Questions

How do I start a team?
Click on the Register link in the left hand navigation, and choose "Start a new team." Follow the instructions for setting up your team.

Is there a minimum number of people required for a team?
No. You can be a team of one.

How do I change my personal fundraising goal?
First, login to your Participant Center. From your Participant Center, go to the top right side of the page to modify your personal fundraising goal. Enter your new goal and submit/save the changes.

What is a Team Page?
A Team Page is the web page people see when they visit your team home page. This is an online tool provided to the Team Captain to tell the team's story. Once you have registered as a Team Captain, you need to personalize this page with a picture or video and tell visitors about the person your team is honoring or remembering. Use this page to ask for team donations and to inform visitors of your goal. Don't forget to tell visitors and team members to also visit your Participant Page. Update this often to encourage enthusiasm about raising awareness and reaching your goal together.

How do I change my team name or team goal?
Only the Team Captain has the ability to change the team name or goal. The Team Captain will need to login to his or her Participant Center to access this information. Once on the Participant Center Page, Team Captains can update the team name and goal by using the gray box on the right side of the page.

What is a team message?
A team message is a tool Team Captains can use to encourage their team members and share news. The text you enter here appears as a message from you on each participant's personal page and can be updated daily. Simply go to your Participant Center and enter the latest news in the section just above the button "Update Message to Team" in the gray box to the right. Clicking the Update button will allow you to save the most recent message to your team. We encourage you to send encouraging messages often!

How can I see who is on my team and how much we have raised?
To view your team roster, login to your Participant Center and click the "Team Progress" button. This button allows you to view your team roster and the amounts raised by each team member. You can also send an email to your team from here!

How do I update the Team Page?
The Team Captain logs in to their Participant Center and clicks on the "Team Progress" button. Here he or she can access the team page to make updates. The Team Captain can also change the team goal, name and team type from this page. (Note: For a list of your personal contributors, click the "My Progress" icon.)

Where do team members meet each other after they arrive at the event?
The Team Welcome Tent is a designated area for teams to get together. The Team Welcome Tent is located next to the Registration Tent.  

How do we have a team photo made?
Team captains are responsible for scheduling a team photo a couple of weeks before the event. Teams need to be sure to be assembled at the Team Photo area 10 to 15 minutes before their appointed time. Contact Kim Toxey at to set up a photo time for your team.

On event day, how do members of a team register and turn in money?
Individuals can register and turn in money themselves at Registration. However, in order to have the most accurate team total for the event, it is best to give your registration form (if not pre-registered) and money to your team captain when you arrive. The team captain should collect and total the money from all team members and turn it in before 10 a.m. to accommodate tallying team totals. Any monies turned in after 10 a.m. on event day will be counted toward next year's team total.

What are Company Teams?
A company team is a great opportunity for companies to show their support for Angels Among Us. Company employees, clients, family, and friends can join the company team or create their own team under the company Team umbrella. Company teams provide a great opportunity to improve staff morale and create friendly competition, all in the name of a great cause.

May I start a team if I can’t attend the event?
Yes, you do not have to be present at the Angels Among Us event to help Duke’s brain tumor research program. For those who cannot attend the event, but would like to honor their loved ones and raise funds in their community to help find a cure for brain tumors, click “Register” and “Start a New Team” and register your team as an Absent Angel Team. Your donations will go directly to support exciting new research being done at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center. Every gift is important to the work being done at Duke.

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Personal Page

What is a Personal Page?
Once you register, a personal page will be created for you by default. This web page is provided to every registered individual as an online tool for you to promote yourself as an individual or your team. A default message is provided on the page. You do not have to change it—However, a compelling personal page attracts and engages supporters and donations. By personalizing your participant page, you can spread the word of your commitment to fight against brain tumors. To personalize this web page, go to your Participant Center from the team sign-in link located in the menu bar. You can download images or a video, create new text, and pick the style and color of the page layout. See the Participant Guide for details.

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Race Questions

Where do you check-in for the 5K Run?
At the 5K registration tent, located near the corner of Flowers Drive and Yearby Avenue. (See map)

Is there a Packet Pick-up for the runners before race day?
Yes. There are two locations for packet pickup. You may also register at each location.

Wednesday, April 25 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Omega Sports at North Hills Shopping Center: 4120 Main Street, Raleigh, NC.
Friday, April 27 from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. ActivEdge Fitness and Sports Performance at the Gold Center Shopping Center: 4221 Garrett Road, Suite 2, Durham, NC.

Do runners receive awards?
Yes. Competitive runners receive awards for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male and female for each age range: 12 & under, 13-15, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+. There are also 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Overall male and female awards.

If I am running the 5K, but I also want to walk in the Family Fun Walk, do I have to register for both?
No. You need only register for the 5K Run, then join the families for the walk.

Can someone run the 5K with a dog, wheelchair, or stroller?
No pets are allowed. The only exception is for working service dogs. Runners with strollers or wheelchairs may participate in the 5K but will begin behind the competitive and recreational runners. Runners have become tangled up in stroller wheels and wheelchairs, so this rule is for your safety as well as for the runners. We don't want anyone hurt—please abide by this safety rule.

Can I walk the 5K?
No. At our event, many serious runners participate in the 5K. Please join the Family Fun Walk through the beautiful Sarah Duke Gardens.

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General Questions

What are the important deadlines for the event?
April 5, 2018: Corporate Sponsors who donate $1000 or more must email their company logo to Ellen Stainback at, in order for the logo to be printed on the back of the event t-shirt.

April 17, 2018: Mail-in Registrations must be mailed. After this date you may register online or at the event on April 29.

April 26, 2018: Online registration ends at midnight

When can money be turned in for Angels?
Many teams have fundraisers year round, so money may be turned in anytime during the year. Credit will be given to teams as long as the team name is on the memo line of checks. Mail to: The Tisch Brain Tumor Center-Angels, DUMC Box 3624, Durham, NC 27710. Checks payable to Duke University-Angels.

Where do you check-in for the Family Fun Walk?
At the Walk Registration Tent at the corner of Erwin Road and Flowers Drive. (See map) If you registered online, you do not need to check in. T-shirts can be picked up at the t-shirt tent.

Can I bring a dog to the event?
No. I'm sorry, but dogs are no longer allowed. Only exception are working service dogs.

How long does it take to complete the walk?
The walk is approximately 2.2 miles long. Depending on how fast you walk, it should take 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

Do I have to be a member of a team to attend the event?
No. However, you do need to register as an individual at the Walk Registration tent.

Is handicapped parking available?
YES...handicap parking is available at the corner of Erwin Road and Flowers Drive (enter on Flowers Drive).

How long does the closing ceremony last?
The ceremony is about 20 minutes long. Drs. Darell Bigner, Allan Friedman, Henry Friedman and John Sampson receive the grand total check and give a few words of thanks to all attending the event. It is a great end to a fabulous day!

What is the Wall of Honor?
The Wall of Honor is a celebration of love to the lives and the battles of our patients. All are welcome to post pictures, stories, mementos, whatever you'd like to show honor to our survivors and to those who fought a fearsome battle against brain cancer. At the end of the event, please remember to take your pictures home.

How do I change my Username or Password?
First, login to the site using the username and password from the previous year. Once logged in, you click the link at the top of the page called "Update My Profile." Update your contact information, e-mail address, preferences, username, and password; all changes will be made to your account immediately. There is no need to sign in again.

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E-mail Questions

How do I upload my address book?
You will find step-by-step instructions within your Participant Center detailing how to upload your personal address book. After you have added your e-mail addresses, you may edit, add, or delete addresses at any time. Please know that these addresses are private and not shared.

How can I send and follow-up on e-mails to my friends, family, and colleagues?
You have access to message templates that are ready to use in your Participant Center. Use them to invite people to join your team, ask people to support you with a donation, or to thank people who are participating on your behalf. You may also create your own personal messages. Your Participant Center provides you with a tool to track who you have e-mailed, who has responded to your messages, and when it's time to follow up. Track your activity from the "Follow-ups" table and check off your To-Dos!

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My Progress

How can I see a list of who has donated to my team?
Log in to your Participant Center and click on "My Progress."  This is your individual fundraising history, donation trends, and a thermometer that marks your achievements. From "My Progress" you can print a list of your donors for your personal records. Another way to see a list of your donors from your Participant Center is by clicking on "Follow-ups," which also allows you to view the value of donations received. All registered participants will be notified when someone donates online on their behalf. Notification will be sent to the email address we receive for the registrant through their registration process or when they update their profile.

Can I add the checks and cash I have received?
No. You may either mail in the donations to Tisch Brain Tumor Center, DUMC 3624, Durham, NC 27710, Attn: Angels Among Us, or bring them with you the day of the event.

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2017 Progress

$1,702,662.73 of $1,900,000
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Registrations: 3658     Goal: 1900000

Registrations 3,657

Teams 313

Donors 6,703

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