Meredith Elisabeth Edwards

In Memory of Meredith Elisabeth Edwards

Meredith “Mer Mer” was the most beautiful baby girl you ever laid your eyes on and was a pure joy to our family. When she was first born she had the brightest pink lips, blue eyes, and fairest skin you had ever seen. My father commented that he had never seen such a beautiful baby and that she looked like a china doll.

Mer Mer was my sister’s world and when she had her the dream of becoming a mother had come true. Mer Mer was a delightful baby who loved to laugh and squeal. Mer Mer loved to be held morning, noon, and night; her pink bunny; her dog, Puddin’; and playing with her best friend, Lily. She could give the most serious look when she was displeased about something. For example, when her cousin would pat her head she would give him a look as if to say,“you have got to stop that... really.”

In January 2008, she had what was thought to be the flu and was taken to the ER. It was there that it was discovered that she had a brain tumor. She was rushed to Duke Hospital where the diagnosis of Medulloblastoma was given. She put up quite a fight as she underwent two brain surgeries and two rounds of chemotherapy before she lost her battle with cancer. She went to be with the Lord on the morning of April 14, 2008 while in her mother’s arms. Mer Mer is missed by her entire family and her memories will live in our hearts forever.


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