Scott Gitomer

In Memory of Scott Gitomer
March 10, 1976 - November 28, 2002

Scott was diagnosed with a GBM on November 3, 2001. Scott was a trader for Merrill Lynch on Wall Street. Scott was lucky enough to get away on September 11th, working a building away from the Trade Towers. He never complained about anything until October 26th when he had trouble reading; he had lost his peripheral vision.

He was a special person, rushing to fit everything you can in a day. Scott was a loving and devoted son, brother, grandson and friend. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for any of us. When he was young he went from activity to activity and excelled in everything.

Scott’s first surgery was in Philadelphia on November 9, 2001 and we were given no hope at all. Luckily we got to Duke the following Sunday and the doctors for about 3 hours. Scott had his second surgery on November 21st at Duke and we were given so much hope.

We were down in Durham for the 2002 family walk, but because Scott was experiencing horrible headaches we were unable to attend. Sorry to say Scott passed away on Thanksgiving 2002 with his family and close friends by his side. I don’t think we could have made it through the year without the help of the Brain Tumor Center. They were there for us all the time through Scott’s terrible problems and episodes. They helped us walk through this horrible time in our lives never giving up hope, which helped us tremendously - giving Scott the courage to continue with his fight against this deadly disease. Scott never gave up and never said why me!

I would like to be able to help and be involved with the Brain Tumor Center and Angels Among Us from the Philadelphia region because we believe in all the doctors at Duke and what they’re trying to accomplish and also because I want to continue this fight against brain cancer, which Scott would have wanted because we all believed that at Duke there really is hope.

Arlyne Gitomer, Scott's Mom


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