Jerry Barberio

In Memory of Jerry Barberio

My amazing man
Jerry was 56 years old when diagnosed in May 2003 with GBM IV. We got caught with all this while in South Florida, our old address for 23 years, while planning a memorial Mass for my Mother who just died. He had a seizure while driving and I got him to the hospital in time. He had a complete resection, Gliadel wafer, and 6 weeks of radiation.

On the way back home to East Tennessee, we had an appointment with Dr. Henry Friedman at Duke. They filled him with various chemos, CCNU, CPT-11, Temodar, then Tamoxofin, and he just keeps ticking. His MRI’s are all clean, so much so, that it shows just a black hole, all necrosis has dissolved and disappeared! He loves life so much, he asks me every week to give him a honey do list to keep him busy! Can you imagine? He still jogs, even through radiation and chemo, it keeps him energized. He is so faithfilled about living his life with the Lord and with the hope Duke U. gives him, he’s always happy and upbeat, even with some deficits of memory loss, etc. He doesn’t let it get him down. Everyone who meets him is filled with inspiration.

Pat Barberio, wife of Jerry Barberio, age 59.


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