Kenneth Graybowski

In Memory of Ken Graybowski

Ken what a man, how do you comprise all the words to describe you there are so many. Loving, patient, funny, kind, passionate, interesting, the best friend put them all together and you get the creation of Ken. You were the social butterfly we could always count on to find out what was going on. I am thankful that Bernie and Billie have gotten your hair just right or we would hear about it as I am sure you are with us now in spirit.

Through the years and there are many of them your passion for the one love which we know was Shagri La, Bandit, Stealth and Weathermaker and then came Maria but we all know they always tied for first place. You never let a day be complete unless the circle was closed with Maria at the helm. Ken and Maria’s love did bear, believe, dream and endure all challenges since they were not a union of two but a foundation of one. The half of Ken created an unsurpassed marriage but always made the little things big, remembering to say I love you at least once a day, never taking for granted the time each other had, they always were on their honeymoon for he truly believed the courtship would never end. Ken believed he always was being the right partner. Ken always displayed his friendship and love that he had for Maria. Ken’s life was a gift that took a turn this turn though will make mountain peeks glisten, allow the sea to flow never the same way again, the sun shine stronger and the stars twinkle brighter because of him. Ken has left each of us a little piece of what he was made of just by knowing him and for that I will always treasure.

Ken had a tremendous sense of value for every family or friend he ever touched either with his words or his actions. Ken always stood tall facing the problems of the day and never saw this as a duty or a sacrifice but his spirit of the joy he had for living every day to the fullest. Ken always had kind words of appreciation and demonstrated gratitude to all his family and friends.

Fatherhood a word Ken added to his many accomplishments, which he outshined in completing this responsibility to Stephen, Caryn, Bailey and Shadow. Ken formed a circle of love which gathered his whole family. Perfection was not what Ken looked for in each of them only their flexibility, patience, understanding and his sense of humor. Ken always had the capability to forgive and forget no matter what the wrongdoing, even when you stepped on the boat seat to get in. Ken always had a common search for the good and the beautiful.

Ken if we could have just one wish one dream that comes true, I know we would pray to God with all our hearts for another tomorrow with you. A thousand words will not bring you back, we know because we tried, and neither will a thousand tears, we know because we cried. Ken left behind a lot of friends, and wonderful memories too, but now God has chosen one special angel and that special angel is you.

Sandra DeKarski, Sister-in-law


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