Jennifer Denning Hocutt

September 4, 1973 - October 20, 2001

What an unbelievable and unique individual ….loved hurricanes, thunderstorms, the beach, her family and friends, her job, her jeep, her wedding dress and veil, and most of all her husband, Ben.

Laughed often and loved much; gained the respect of her family and friends and the love of little children, appreciated earth’s beauty – loved unconditionally always finding the best in others as she gave her best; left the world a better place.

Diagnosed with a brain tumor december 28th, 1995, lived until October 20th, 2001, when surrounded by family and friends, she passed away. Those six years included many happy times and times when Jennifer displayed unbelievable courage.

Missed so very much and lovingly remembered by so many.

Jennifer, stay close


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