Ken Lester

In Memory of Ken Lester
January 1938-December 2004

Daddy died the week before Christmas, at the age of 66; 2 ½ months after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is the third known family member that died of a brain tumor. His mother and his oldest sister each died previously of brain tumors. Daddy touched so many lives. His most redeeming qualities were that he was never unkind, never in a bad mood, never had a mean word to say to anyone. There is no one in this world that will tell you any different.

Daddy lived for the Lord. He waited for the day that Jesus would come. I know that he always felt that it would happen before he died, but he’ll sleep patiently until he hears the Lord shout his name. And he’ll be ready, because he died ready.

Daddy and Mom lived a healthy lifestyle. A vegetarian diet was the foundation, and over the years, as they made new discoveries, unhealthy food was eliminated and replaced with better methods of eating. Although nothing knowingly could have prevented a fast growing tumor, we believe that his healthy diet helped him to live out his last months without the problems, and without the incredible pain and discomfort that we had been told to expect.

Daddy died quietly, with his family at his bedside. He is terribly missed, but we are as blessed with his dying as we were with his life. His life was a sermon, and the world is a different place without him. We will see him again, on the way to heaven. We love you Daddy.


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