Eugene Efinger

Eugene Efinger
Eugene Efinger

My Dad

My Dad...

My dad, Eugene Efinger, was diagnosed with GBM on June 27, 2011. He had his first resection in NJ; I live in Durham, NC. I contacted my doctor, who then contacted Dr. Henry Friedman at the Duke Brain Tumor Center. He called me within 10 mins. on a Sunday night at 10:30 PM..."Hi Karen, this is Henry Friedman..."  My parents came down to Duke for a consultation and my dad met the criteria for a clinical trial. Second resection, implantation of gliodel wafers, radiation, temodar and avastin. Once one treatment stopped working Duke got my dad another. Dad traveled back and forth from NY to NC for treatments. He was blessed with nearly no side effects from these meds to provide him with LIFE and HOPE. In January 2012 Dad had his first seizure. The following weeks he rebounded; and after a month or so he became suddenly ill and was hospitalized at Duke. His tumor was growing; his health continued to decline.  We were able to get him to a short term rehab with the hopes of getting some mobility back, but dad became ill again and was hospitalized again.  After nine more days and little rebound, we decided to have dad come home and spend whatever time remained with family.  A few days after being home we placed my father on hospice. The next eleven days were stressful, heartfelt, tiring, and in the end, a blessing. My dad was able to be home with family...loved and supported.  His final moments were around the corner...I thank Duke for helping my dad beat the median time frame of 14 months! As of the writing of this story, it will be 21 months and 12 dad will be an "Angel Among Us" very soon...

GOD Bless and I love you dad!



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