Samantha Karger

Samantha Karger
Samantha Karger

In Memory of Samantha Karger

Samantha was one of those individuals that when you met her, you would immediately like her.  Sam was so innocent and sweet, definitely the type of person that there are far too few.  She enjoyed and appreciated things in life that others tend to take for granted; one of her favorites was simply driving to the beach just for Bricks donuts in Wilmington. 

When Samantha was a teenager, she was diagnosed with her first brain tumor.  These battles continued for many years and ending at the age of 27.  Each time, her attitude and zest for life never changed nor did her sweet personality and gratitude for the support she received from her family, friends, her sweet dog, Sophie and boyfriend. 

Throughout the years I had the pleasure of knowing Sam, she showed me what true strength is in a human being.  Her faith that everything would be fine and that this would be the 'last' one, was always so inspiring.  Even though you could confuse her sweet and innocent behavior for being naive, Sam was an incredibly strong young woman.

As Sam got to know so many of the doctors and nurses at Duke, she always played a part in the annual Angels Among Us walk.  She recruited lots of people she worked with and her friends to join in the fun and help to support this cause.  My hope, as well as others that knew her, is our intent to keep her tradition going.  I can’t think of a better way to pay tribute to this lovely person than to help others that are fighting the same fight she did. 

There are few days that go by that I don’t think about Samantha.  As we reached the One Year anniversary of her passing, I am still very sad but so grateful that I was also allowed to be part of this sweet lady’s life.

A friend,

Bobbi Peters


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