Carla R Stitt

In Memory of Carla R. Stitt

Carla, my mother, was a caring, God loving, wonderful person. Many loved her, and now many miss her. She was born in June of 1961, in Mocksville, North Carolina. She grew up there with her brother, Tim Hursey, who also passed away the summer after she died. She had two loving parents, Donald and Katherine Hursey, She loved them dearly.

I know she met my dad, Greg Stitt, in Charoltte, North Carolina. They got married, and had me (1995), and my sister Brooke (1997). I think it was in 2002 when we found out she had a brain tumor. She had been having horrible seasures, and had gone to different doctors, and one finally decided to investigate it. He was with Wake Med, but later then she switched to Duke. 
She and my Aunt Kate started Hubba's Bubbas, they called it that because my dad called my mom Hubba. She liked to participate with us at school with field trips and other things. She loved us very much. But, she was soon not able to and it got worse. So we got used to dad helping more. She slowly faded and got weaker and weaker. Even when she was in bed and really not able to talk, I know she loved us.She died in April of 2006. She just faded out of our lives. I think the Lord did that so it would be easier. Still, it was a big blow to us, and to all those who loved her, especially my dad and family.
I know so many people loved her and learned form how she loved the Lord. I know she is in heaven right now.

I seek my happiness in the Lord, and He gives me my heart's desire.
I give myself to the Lord; trust in Him, and He helps me;
He makes my righteous shine like the noonday sun.
Psalms 37:4-6

With Love to every one, especially those who have suffered a lose or is suffering form cancer,
Megan Stitt, age 12



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