Kristina Marie Edmondson (Kristi Carzoli)

In Memory of Kristina Marie Edmondson (Kristi Carzoli)
December 9, 1970 - April 7, 2000

Kristi was born and raised in Marietta, GA. She earned an engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and eventually moved to Raleigh, NC to work as a sales engineer. A series of unusual symptoms led to her MRI in August of 1998, which revealed a large brain tumor.

After surgeries, she became a patient of the Brain Tumor Center at Duke. Under their expert and loving care, amid hospital visits and cancer treatments, Kristi lived her last two years to the fullest. A fond memory of mine is her running a 10K race while on chemotherapy. She loved working in the garden, running, traveling, music, church, and mostly, people. Kristi was part of the committee that organized the 1999 and 2000 Angels Among Us events. Every time I think of her, I see her wonderful smile, which always made me smile, and still does.

Jamie Edmondson, Kristi's husband


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